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Mercoid Series CLP

Series CLP Conductivity Level Probe

Series CLPLow Cost, Compact Design

The Mercoid Series CLP Conductivity Level Probes are used to determine the presence of a conductive liquid at a set level by sensing conductivity. The Series CLP is coupled with the Series TSWB Temperature Level Controller for a complete level control system. These probes allow for the measurement of conductivity between the probe fitting and end, which is isolated by a ceramic insulator, or between the probe ends of two probes. The CLP can be mounted in any orientation in a tank, tee fitting, or any compatible threaded port. The probe end is solid stainless steel allowing substantial resistance to heat and corrosion.


  • Service: Conductive liquids compatible with wetted materials.
  • Wetted Materials:Probe End: 430SS; Insulator: ceramic; Fitting: nickel-plated iron; Seal: silicone.
  • Temperature Limits:392°F (200°C).
  • Pressure Limits:87 psi (6 bar).
  • Electrical Connections:Snap-type post.
  • Process Connection:1/2″ NPT.
  • Mounting:Threaded port, any orientation.
  • Weight:2 oz. (57 g).

Model CLP-1 Conductivity level probe, 1/2″ NPT.